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Business software in Dubai - Modules

Modules are main components of Megaplan which make work with the system efficient. Each module has its own goals and functions, however, all modules are strongly interconnected.

Interconnection is a main value of the system, as it facilitates workflow for employees.

Modules store the information about employees, customers, finances, tasks and daily agenda, as well as offer to discuss desirable topics, create reports and send fast messages. Megaplan modules offer easy and convenient document management in the UAE.

Once the general setting of the System is done, it does not take much time to get familiar with each module of Megaplan. Megaplan is simple, but clever. Modules prove it. Modules improve efficiency of Dubai business. Modules make half of your job. Check main functions of each Megaplan module and draw parallels between Megaplan offered opportunities and your business workflow. You might find out that Megaplan modules can reduce the time which your employees spend for mundane tasks.

Megaplan modules like musical instruments are nice for solo performance, but really wonderful music is born in orchestra. Lead your company like a great conductor is leading his orchestra. Megaplan is one of the modern tools to improve productivity in Dubai.




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During 5 years 140000 employees have done 3500000 tasks of 170000 projects. Every single minute at least 1 task is performed in Megaplan. Every day more than 90 projects are completed in Megaplan


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