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CRM System in UAE - Deals

CRM System in UAE


Create scheme of work, build regulations, and follow the sales process. Explore the process of signing a deal, find the reason of deal closing failure and improve. Create your sales funnel and analyze the strong and weak points of the process, in order to make it more effective.

Megaplan - new CRM System in the UAE market fully understands the requirements and characteristics of your organization. This is achieved by flexible settings. Work with the module “Deals” allows you to fully automate the sales process of goods and services. Depending on settings, the way of making a deal may differ slightly. These differences are due to the fact that different goods and services are used to be selling in different ways.


CRM System UAE Dubai

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During 5 years 140000 employees have done 3500000 tasks of 170000 projects. Every single minute at least 1 task is performed in Megaplan. Every day more than 90 projects are completed in Megaplan




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