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Simple crm software in Dubai - files storage


simple CRM software in Dubai

Get free simple CRM in UAE and forget about mess with the documents. Store important company documents required for employees' work and cooperation with customers. Easy to upload, find, edit and read. All the data is stored in the Megaplan server. Nothing can be lost, as data protection and security is strongly monitored by the Megaplan team – information is stored in different data-centers in the world, in more than 50 servers. Moreover, Megaplan conducts data backup every 9 minutes and file backup every 6 hours.
With Megaplan online document management is simple, CRM software in Dubai helps to restore order in the company documentation. It gives you an opportunity to store up to 200 MB of information in the folder "Documents". Adjust access rights to each document or all documents in the folder by specifying which employees can download it. The administrator can give access rights for employees to edit files. He can also make certain files invisible for departments which do not need to have an access to these documents. If any of the loaded documents has been modified, you can download it as a new version of the document. Files of some format have a preview option.
While preparing Birhtday surprise party for one of your colleagues free simple CRM in UAE can provide you great help. In the Megaplan module Documents create folder, where all employees upload their Birthday wishes files, or make one Birthday card from every employee - each one can edit it by adding his personal greeting. Easy and fast. Just do not forget to hide this folder from the Birthday person.


Simple CRM software in Dubai

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