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Centuries before pigeons were used as messengers – they were delivering important news, love messages, during wars they were strategically important tool to exchange information between soldiers. However, those times have passed and modern society has much better tools for communication including phones, fax, emails, messengers, online CRM in Dubai.
Working in the same company does not mean being able to reach a colleague within same office room. Moreover, companies have offices in different districts, cities, countries and even different parts of the world. It is convenient to communicate with each other using the emails and other kind of messengers. Far more convenient is to exchange the information within company used CRM program.
One of the modules of online CRM in Dubai Megaplan is module Messages. It allows you to communicate with your colleagues fast and easy. You can sort your messages for a "fast search" and use tags in each message, to be able to easily find desired information. Good feature of the module Messages is the ability to convert the message into task. Sending the message it is possible to attach a file up to 25 MB each. As soon as you get new message the notification will pop up in the corner of Megaplan interface, as well as notification email will be sent to your email connected with Megaplan.
Effective communication is important, as it helps to create a friendly atmosphere around the workplace, which in turn increases productivity of employees' work. Communication is also important to find future needs of each other and not to do the work is not needed to. Megaplan -free online CRM in UAE is now available on our website.

Free online CRM in UAE


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During 5 years 140000 employees have done 3500000 tasks of 170000 projects. Every single minute at least 1 task is performed in Megaplan. Every day more than 90 projects are completed in Megaplan




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