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Create reports using Megaplan offered tools – graphs, tables and statistics makes results easier to understand. Create your sales funnel and see where you are losing customers identifying the weak stage of the sales process which needs to be modified.

The report can be built on the basis of different modules: Tasks, Communications, Employees, Sales, Financial operations or Projects. The report is showing the data according to the object you select. It is constructed in the table format and can be expanded by using specific formulas. The report can be sent by e-mail, stored in the module “Documents” or you can choose both options at the same time.

Automate business in the UAE with Megaplan – its report system clearly displays the situation of the company pointing out strong points and weak points that needs to be improved.


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During 5 years 140000 employees have done 3500000 tasks of 170000 projects. Every single minute at least 1 task is performed in Megaplan. Every day more than 90 projects are completed in Megaplan




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